Monday, August 3, 2009

Update.....WOW been awhile....

Dear Family and Friends,
Wow! Time has flown!! It has been awhile since I have written you and thought I would let you know what is going on in my life. I hope this email finds you doing fantastic! After nannying for a family in Montana for 2 months, I came home due to several reasons. I came home and drove out to do a trial period with a family in Louisville, KY. I loved the children and the family I was staying with, but during the 2 weeks I was there God showed them that they weren't spiritually ready to be a leader to a nanny. It was a neat experience and they were so encouraging to me. It was unexpected to go back home, but it was a great time getting to know them and I still stay in contact with them. Before I headed home, I stopped by to see an old time friend in Nashville and my friend Beth from Wisconsin happened to be in the area too! We had a girls night and it was fun despite the unexpected news. I went back home and started searching for another nanny position. Mid April I started nanny for a single mother of 2 children. It was totally different from the other 2 positions being she wasn't a Christian and I didn't live with her. After nannying for her for 7 weeks, I put in a 3 week notice, and it has gone downhill from there. I am still praying for the children and for Abby. She has been hostile vendictive towards me since I left the beginning of June. God had me in their lives for a reason, and I pray that the seeds I planted in the kids' lives and Abby's life will be rooted. "God, so now what?" I asked myself. I searched for different positions and no luck in this days economy. Mom suggested that maybe it was an opportunity to go back to college and finish my degree. Being that I don't have a desire to teach, I knew that I didn't want to go back and finish that. I realized that I still have a passion for Spanish and God could use me in that area. So after lots of praying and searching, I have decided to go back to Missouri Western State University and finish my degree in Spanish. If I have things calculated correctly, I only have 9 classes left!!! That is REALLY exciting! I should complete a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish December 2010 if I can get into a certain class this fall. Right now the class is full and I have to have special permission from the professor to be able to take it. I won't know anymore information until August 18th at Walk-in Registration. Another thing new in my life is taking up running.....or jogging should I say! I set a goal back in June that I wanted to be able to run a mile without stopping. I thought I was crazy after starting that goal, but after 1.5 weeks of walking and running, I achieved that goal. My next goal is to be able to run a 5K....and that is exactly what I am doing! On October 10, 2009, I will be running a 5K called "Run For a Child". All the proceeds will go to a Christian Crisis Pregnancy Center called Rachel House. If you would be interested in donating money towards this please let me know. Donations are tax-deductible. I will need your name, address and phone number. You can also donate online at:

Some of you may want to know what is going on with the orphanage and my future plans. With the orphanage the kids are doing great. Most of the students/children I taught in Kinder are no longer there. A lot of them went back with their families, which were all good situations! Zuleika is in the process of getting adopted within the next couple months along with her 4 siblings. This has been a LONG process for them, but God knows when they will be with their family! Paúl is sill at the orphanage with his 2 siblings. Ericka is back with her mother and her little brother (who wasn't at the orphanage). Saúl and Lady are back with their mother, and are really happy. She put her faith in Christ during this whole process, which is really awesome! Jhonatan and his sister Nayeli are back with his mother, which was long over due. She visited him every Saturday consistantly and loves him VERY much! Edwin is still at the orphanage and is Miss Aly's class! He still talks about me and tells me that "Tia Mommy" is in the US. I LOVE IT! Maybe someday I will be able to adopt that little boy! Sebastian and Yan Pier are still at the orphanage as far as I know. FINALLY a few days after I left, their mother was located and told us their given names. That is the orphanage and if you are wanting to support them monthly or want the US Administrator to speak at your church, please let me know and I can get you that information.

Future plans.....let's see! I am going back to college in the fall. I am still dating Marc Hawkinson and we are doing well. He is great and I love him very much. God has brought him back into my life and it has been a challenging reconciliation with our families, but God is still faithful and is leading us in the direction that He wants us to go. I have an interview tomorrow with Hy-Vee in St. Joseph, MO, and could use your prayers in the job area. I am still planning to go back with YWAM after I finish college. I am hoping to be able to do translation with them at the base in WA along with nannying for the staff's family. Sorry that I can't give you more information on what is next, but God will reveal everything in time....His perfect time!

Thanks again for all of your support throughout the years! I am truely blessed to have family and friends like you! I pray that God blesses you abundantly as you continue to give towards His Kingdom! Here are some prayer requests:

1. Pray that I will be obedient to God's calling on my life concerning my job situation.
2. I have a court date on August 24, 2009. Pray that God's will be done in that situation and that Abby will turn her life over to Christ someday. Also pray for the children as I am sure they are having a hard time also through the whole situation.
3. Pray that Marc and I's relationship will continue to remain pure and that we will be obedient to what God has in store for us as we seek His will for our lives and our relationship.
4. Pray for the finances to come in for the orphanage. They are wanting to be financially independent from Mr. Miller.
5. Pray that I will be able to get into the class, for it is a pre-requisite to all the other classes I will be taking.
6. Pray for continued health for me. As I am preparing and training for the race, I pray that I won't have any injuries.

Thanks again and God's blessings to you as you continue to serve Him!

Serving Him in Love,
Amy Elizabeth Pitchford
201 E. 14th St.
Kearney, MO 64060

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finale at Hogar de Esperanza

December was a BUSY month! My last day of working with the Kinder class was December 2nd. I had one day off to finish getting ready to leave the 4th to go and get Mom. I had almost everything packed and gone through so that I had the rest of the time when we got back to the orphanage to spend with the kids. My last day of teaching was really a sad one. Edwin was being a pistol that day and was disobedient. I didn't want him to have to sit in time out, but he had to....even had to send him back to his house for trying to bite me. It was really sad. If you have ever seen E.T., he sounded like E.T. when he screams in that movie! He thought I was leaving that day and was screaming at me saying that he didn't want me to go and get Mom and that he didn't want me to leave. I said I would be back in a bit to talk with him. I went back and then sent the other kids back to their houses.....since it was the end of the day. I went back and he didn't want to let go of me. He is like my child. He has called me "mommy" for a long time, and at times I wondered if he really thought I was his mother. I would LOVE to adopt him someday. He is a needy child, but needs that love that only a parent could give him! It would be awhile and a lot of prayer if God really wants that for us!

After 2 days of relaxation and 2 bus rides (one being overnight) we arrived at Albergue Infantil: Hogar de Esperanza!!! They were excited to meet Mom and I! Abel, who is normally really rough, was quite gentle with Mom! She told him that they had something in common, they both wear glasses! It was really neat to see the kids bond with her! It still makes me teary-eyed! I do have to say that she bonded with Lady the best. Every time that Lady would see Mom she would run full speed and jump into Mom's arms! It was SOOO cute to watch this! We didn't do much on Friday morning, but we took Ericka and Zuleica out for Zuzu's birthday! We had ice cream and cake and they played for a bit inside a store that has a play area! We went back and Mom, Rocio and I made the Christmas cookie dough....well Rocio made it actually! She really enjoyed that one-on-two time with us! It was fun, and she liked the dough too! On Saturday 3 of the casitas helped roll out the dough and made their special cookie that we decorated on Monday night! The other casita had their turn on Monday morning! That afternoon we took Rocio out to get her ears pierced! She wanted Roxana to go with her, so we all left on a micro ( a bus that they cram LOTS of people on!) and headed into town. We then went to Salaverry beach, and then BACK into town for dinner! We ate at Jano's! My favorite place to eat....burger with a fried egg, shoestring fries, bacon, special mayo and aji! YUMMY!!!! Sunday was a special day! We went to church with Miss Aly and then went to her house and had lunch, baked cookies, and a carrot cake! Her family is such a blessing. I have been told many times that when I come back, that is where I will live....with Miss Aly, her parents, and her 2 sisters! I love them so much, and miss them like crazy! The day ended with a picture and her mother giving Mom a special gift...something Mom will treasure forever I am sure! It was a fantastic day, ending with Edwin visiting my room, "helping" me pack! He tried picking me up, which was great, and taking a picture with Mom!!! Monday morning we made the 2nd batch and then in the afternoon made the cookies! Then we iced the cookies late that afternoon into the evening! It was a lot of fun! On Tuesday was my "despedida" which is a going away party! We had cookies and milk, and the kids sang songs and it was a lot of fun! That night we said "bye" to the kids before bedtime. OH YA!!! FORGOT.....on Friday and Saturday nights we handed out the kids' Christmas presents!!!! They LOVED what they got!!! It was so cute on Wednesday morning! Ericka knew I was leaving and ran into my arms and didn't want to let go. She had smiles all over her face! Mom and I's journey back to Lima has got to be the most interesting one! We left on what we thought was going to be an 8 hr bus ride, but that ended up being 10 hours long! Then we got in a taxi, which I thought had a bigger trunk, but boy was I wrong! All that fit in there was our 2 roll-on carry-on suitcases!!! SOOOO we had had 2 large suitcases in the front seat, 2 large ones in the backseat with Mom and I, then Mom and I also.....with our backpacks on our laps!!! So we sat in this taxi with our driver for about an hour. About 10 min before we get to the airport the driver starts talking about needing glasses. Then he proceeded to ask to borrow Mom's glasses while going through the security checkpoint to get into the airport parking lot!!! So Mom is thinking that we have just ridden in a taxi ride for an hour with a guy that can't see! All that to say that he could see, but he now has contacts. His driver's license says that he wears glasses and contacts don't pass as glasses in Perú like they do at home! He left his glasses at home and needed to borrow some! HAHAHA! The rest of the trip home is history!

It was a great year! God really taught me a lot and blessed me. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. I pray that God has made a difference in the lives of the children at Hogar de Esperanza this past year. I pray that God always got the glory for what was said and done by me. I hope that you have been blessed and encouraged through this blog! I know that I don't take credit for anything that has been said and done this past year. I know that it was God working through me to present His character to the staff and children at Hogar de Esperanza and those I came in contact to. May we always glorify God in everything we say in and forever! I am hoping to start another blog (and keep up better than I have on this one) about what God is doing in my life in Montana while I am nannying for this family of 8! So far I have loved what I am doing here with the 6 kiddos and their parents. Keep in touch!!! I love you and missed all of you. I hope to see all of you in 2009....God willing of course!!

Zuleica eating a mango! What a mess!

Ericka eating a mango!

Lady's so cute!

Sam, Ericka, and Yanpier for snacktime!

Luis Sebastian and Zuleica for snacktime.

Isn't she a doll?

Oh the fun times! Ericka and Zuleica are playing with a bouncy ball and are having a GREAT time as you can see! They are such awesome friends.

Yanpier LOVES blocks. Seeing how high they get before they fall down!

The kids were being sooo cute! Here is Nayeli, Dante, Roxana, Rocio, Lariza, Luis Sebastian and Kevin running together across the field!

My last day with the kiddos. We are learning left and right, forwards and was LOTS of fun and they love it.
Clockwise starting with Amy: Zuleica, Luis Sebastian, Yanpier, Lady and Ericka

We are reviewing the parts of our bodies.
Clockwise starting with Amy: Zuleica, Luis Sebastian, Lady, and Ericka

The morning crew! I am Lady, Yanpier, Ericka and Luis Sebastian. Zuleica was upset that she didn't get to sit right in my lap....Ericka stole the spot!

Edwin eating a mango....what a mess though!

I stole his vest! Doesn't it look great on me? HAHA!

Edwin wanted the rest of the Inca Cola (oh how I miss that drink!), so he drank it out of the bottle!

Paúl and I.....I was the horse!

Here Saúl is my little monkey! OH, and this is "Edwin's Car" so he thinks!

I was the horse.....yehaw!
Jhonatan and Amy

I love Hilda! She is a great madre tutora! She was out playing with the girls....volleyball actually!

One of my last nights out with the girls.....and David too! CHURROS (NOT men)!!
Pictured left to right: Laura, Angela and Sam....not sure what the lady's name is or where David is! Probably hiding!

Ericka, Mom (Robin) and Zuleica! This was a great time!

Abel was so gentle with Mom. She said it was because they both wore glasses (and he was told this!).

Jhonatan with Mom! What a great smile!

Luz LOVED her new can opener that Mom brought!!

Luz and Filo LOVED the gifts Mom brought them.....they were so happy (even though their faces may not show it. Peruvians don't like to show a lot of emotion in pictures.)

Ericka with Mom on the way to celebrate Zuleica's birthday. Also, Mom's first ride in a micro! I was so proud of her diving into the culture!

Amy and Zuleica on the way to celebrate her 3rd birthday!

Ericak and Zuzu playing in Wong (a grocery store).

Some of the girls in the Chispas after receiving their Christmas presents from the staff at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, MO! Can you find Mom? Kinda like the "Where's Waldo?"!!

Rocio goes to baking classes and I asked her if she wanted to help make the dough for Christmas cookies! She was SOOO excited and did it all herself! Here she is with Mom getting ready to taste the dough!!

Making Christmas Cookies!!
From left to right: Zuleica, Heydi, Isabel and Yuliana

Alondra and Mom making Christmas Cookies

Mom and Jhonatan rolling out the dough!

Fernando, Jhonatan (rolling the dough) and Piero!

My friend who has a junkfood store! Please pray for her father for he is really sick.

We took Roxana and Rocio to Salaverry beach and to town to get Rocio's ears pierced. It was a fun time for all!

Here are our shadows!
From left to right: Mom, Amy, Rocio, and Roxana drinking her Coke!

Rocio and Roxana eating Jano's! This was Roxana's first time eating a burger! Oh how I miss the food there.....burger with a fried egg, shoestring fries, bacon, aji, and mayonesa! YUMMY!

A herd of sheep crossing the road in front of our taxi.

Amy, Arnold, and Dante after they received their presents!

Lariza really likes her lip gloss! Isn't she a beautiful girl turning into a young lady?

Lady really was ready for her candy, and look at all those barrettes!!

Miss Aly was ecstatic to receive this Precious Moments magazine! She LOVES to draw them! Here she is with her American Mother!

Amy making no-bake cookies at Miss Aly's house!

Amy's Peruvian family with her mother! Miss Aly and her mother designed and made that pillow she is holding! How creative!
From left to right: Rosi, Mom, Miss Aly, (her sister), "Momma", and Amy in front.

Mom's carrot cake that she made. It wasn't quite like the ones she makes at home, but it was still good, and they enjoyed her creations and recipes!

"Momma" gave Mom this reindeer that Miss Aly designed and made with the help of her mother. This was really special for Mom. She treasures this homemade creation!

Mom with Edwin in Amy's room. He loves spending time with Amy A LOT....even calls her "Mommy" sometimes!

Amy and Mom with all her Kinder class.
From left to right: Front - Lady, Mom, Amy, Zuleica, Ericka and Jhonatan
Back - Paúl, Edwin, Luis Sebastian, Yanpier and Saúl.

Amy getting ready to head back to class after taking class pictures!

"Cristo me ama yo lo se........Jesus loves me this I know.."

Yanpier swinging in the dolphin swing Amy brought....with the help of Mr. Miller!

Luis Sebastian swinging away!

Gardening with Laura and Angela
From left to right: Yen, Piero, and Abraham

Yen with Mom....I love this picture! It just shows a mother's love to one who doesn't have a mother physically in his life. I am sure God will send one soon!

Amy working on her "book" with Yamelit, Karina and Milagros.

More Christmas cookie time!
From left to right: Ericka, Araceli, Alisson, and Marita

Making Christmas Cookies with Mom
From left to right: Roxana, Brigitte, and Milagros

Gardening with Laura and Angela

Decorating Cookies!
Clockwise starting with Amy: Deyvis, Zuleica and Dante

Decorating Cookies!
Clockwise starting with Amy: Milagros, Elisa, Yamelit, and Roxana

The girls thought it would be funny to put "lipstick" on their lips! What sweet pink lipstick!

Amy helping Alisson decorate her cookie. Nanci is using green icing!

4 great guys! Alberto (our gardener) with Italo, Fernando and Yen! They had a great time!

With their Christmas presents, some of the girls decided Tracey (the orphanage dog) needed her nails painted too!

This was funny! If any of you know my family, we make special Christmas cookies for members of our family sometimes! Mom has this joke with Uncle Paul about "yellow snowmen". Paúl, one of my kiddos, made a snowman and decorated it his favorite color....yellow! This was printed and given to Uncle Paul for Christmas! What a memory!

Mom "writing" their names on their cookies.
From left to right: Luis Sebastian, Abraham, Mom and Yanpier

Another funny story! Mom told Angela that if she wanted to have her own cookie she had to decorate 10 cookies! Even though Mom was just kidding, Angela thought she was serious and got her cookies to decorate!

Laura with her half eaten snowman!

Oh, Pablo! I love this guy! He is our armed security guy who protects us at night! He is a great guy always wanting to learn more about the Bible and asks to read one everytime he comes! I wonder if he got one for Christmas!

Elias and Amy with his cookie! He is a special friend of mine! We are always joking and he gave me the name "no toci mi" because of my "Spanglish" not long after I arrived at Hogar de Esperanza!

Here I am with the Amigos house!

The kids said nice things and sang songs for my going away party (despedida). This is the Amigos house!

The Luces

Here I am wit all the Luces....and Yanpier!

Oh the Tesoros.....probably my favorite house because my first classroom was in their house and I spent LOTS of time with them!

Amy and the Tesoros! (and Yanpier)

Amy and the Chispas!

Yes, I was crying. Ericka didn't really know what was going on, and I have been her teacher for so long, and she was really sad. She didn't want to let go of me!

Amy with all the Madre Tutoras....and Ericka
From left to right: Milagros (Tesoros), Hilda (Chispas), Veronica (Amigos), and Silvia (Luces)

Amy with all the kids at Hogar de Esperanza!

Liz wanted a picture with Amy too!

For my despedida we had the Christmas cookies and MILK....not evaporated milk, but "real" milk!!!

Eating Christmas Cookies!

Eating Christmas Cookies

Eating Christmas Cookies

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Mom and Alisson! Once again, shows the true love of a mother to a child (even if it isn't her own).

Maria and Mom

Amy and Anabel....what great smiles!

Heydi was doing dishes, and Amy picked her up for a picture! What a cute girl!

This picture is special to Amy. These are 2 of the 3 children she had from her original Kinder class! José David (Diego Alejandro) was adopted on her birthday (7-7-08)!
From left to right: Ericka, Amy, and Zuleica

Oh Tia Mala! This is what Edwin calls Samantha....well either Tia Mala or Tia Manta!! Laura decorated this for her!

My last picture with my best friend in Perú.....Miss Aly.

Amy was welcomed home with a dog on her lap....oh SWAAAAAAAAAY BELLE GIRL!
Amy and Sleigh Belle

Here is a better picture of them! Isn't she a cutie?!?!?!